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The objective was to have Tarvin Village Centre with its many historic buildings designated as a Conservation Area and success was achieved when Conservation Area* status was granted on 8th February 1973.

*The idea of Conservation Areas originated in the Civic Amenities Act 1967 and the Town and Country Planning Act 1971 which imposed the duty on the Local Planning Authority to decide what areas as a whole [rather than individual buildings] have a special architectural or historic character which should be preserved or enhanced and protected from deterioration due to decay, neglect or the potential threats of unsympathetic redevelopment and alterations.

In 2018, the Civic Trust decided that more awareness of the Conservation Area would benefit both residents and visitors.  The result was a display board that has been attached to the High Street bus shelter.

For more details, pick up a free copy of The Tarvin Trail from the local Post Office. 

                                                 Click on a picture below for an enlargement.

Conservation Area Display

Finished display




 It was produced and fitted by local company Cestrian Signs, which is based within the conservation area. 

The Civic Trust and the Parish Council have drawn up the Village Design Statement that, based on the style of the Conservation Area and later developments, defines the general appearance of new developments.

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