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Green Flag Award announcement 2011:
Our local community green space is one of the best in the country - again

Tarvin Community Woodland in Cheshire is one of the best community-run green spaces in the country – and that’s official!  On July 25th 2011 we received the Community Award, a sign that the site is a well managed and welcoming place, central to the local community.  A high-quality green space in Cheshire West and Chester.

The woodland is one of a record number of parks and green spaces receiving the Community Award this year, ensuring that even more of us now have access to well-managed, high-quality green spaces. 

In 2011, 1,288 (1200 in 2010) parks and green spaces will fly either the Green Flag or Community Award, a sign that the value of green space is widely acknowledged as vital to our communities.

Chairman, Stuart Exell, said that he was delighted to receive the award.  Having taken over from the founder, Jim Grogan, part way through the year he was proud that the team had continued to work for success and achieved it.  The trustees and volunteers are striving to keep the woodland as a key part of village life and have done much work this year to integrate it into the work of the local Primary School.  Stuart thanked all the trustees and volunteers and the community in general for the way that they treat the woodland with care.

The woodland is virtually unique in the country as a piece of ex-Highways Agency land that has been leased to the community.  It is a case Study in the government booklet “Community led spaces”.

Phil Barton, Green Flag Plus Partnership chairman said: “I would like to congratulate this year’s winners, who have worked hard throughout the year to keep their parks and green spaces at a high standard and ensure they are pleasant and enjoyable spaces for the whole community.  The Green Flag Award Scheme, and its growth, is essential in driving up the standards of our parks and green spaces.  Access to quality green space is something we all desire and the scheme plays a key role in providing it.  In these challenging financial times it is heartening that the number of Community Awards continue to grow.  As the value of green space and the role it plays in our communities strengthens, we must ensure these high standards remain.”

The Green Flag Award Scheme is managed by a consortium, comprising Keep Britain Tidy, BTCV and GreenSpace. Known collectively as the Green Flag Plus Partnership, the consortium manages the scheme in England on behalf of Communities and Local Government (CLG) and in Wales for the Welsh Steering Group.

For more information visit:
www.greenflagaward.org.uk     www.keepbritaintidy.org     www.communities.gov.uk    


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