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The Trust members meet monthly to review and guide progress towards the aims and objectives.  Interim meetings are held as necessary to plan and discuss specific topics in more detail than is appropriate in the formal meeting. 

The following series of activities is core to the way that we work.

Safety Audits.
Carry out regular site safety audits at least every three months.

Encourage partnerships.
Actively collaborate with Tarvin Parish Council and Cheshire West and Chester Council on environmental issues and public access.

Woodland Volunteers.
Encourage the involvement and manage the participation of volunteers and local community groups in order to continue the development of the amenity woodland.

Preserving our momentum.
Use regular meetings of the F&GP Group in addition to the monthly meetings of the Trust in order to drive progress forward.

Ensure that all our projects are in accordance with the Accessibility Audit carried out by Chester City Council (now Cheshire West and Chester Council).

Continue to introduce and conserve native species of flora and encourage a greater diversity of fauna on the woodland.  See Wildlife page.

Public awareness and use.
This should be increased by:-

  • Publishing monthly schedules of tasks completed and work to be done in the Woodland as bulletins in the woodland notice boards.
  • Maintaining and developing the Tarvin Community Woodland Trust website to increase the awareness and understanding of the Trust’s aims and progress.
  • Exploring new means whereby awareness of the woodland and its use by the public can be increased.

Management and policies.

There is an annually updated Management Plan and a series of policies covering:-

Governance, Investment, Volunteer Management, Risk Assessment, Safeguarding, Conflict of Interest
Complaints Handling and Equality and Diversity  

Page last updated: 17.2.2022

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