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Jim Grogan Countryside and Wildlife Award

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With many children growing up in a world that has an emphasis on urban living and indoor leisure, the Trust has always wanted Tarvin’s children to benefit from the priceless asset that is the woodland.  Over the last three years there has been a growing relationship between the Trust and Tarvin Primary School.  One result is the creation of the Jim Grogan Countryside and Wildlife Award.

Inaugurated for the school year 2010 - 11, this award marks the acquisition by the Trust (on behalf of the village) of the 125 year lease to Tarvin Woodland.  The award is to be presented annually to the pupil of Tarvin Primary School who is considered to have the greatest breadth of knowledge and the best understanding of the animals and plants that make up the immediate environment of Tarvin School and Tarvin Village.  Each year it will be accompanied by a commemorative trophy, a certificate and a book token, provided by Tarvin Community Woodland Trust. 

The Trust has commissioned a hand bound book which will record the history of the award over the next 125 years.  It is intended that the book, together with the citation for each winner, year by year, will become a part of the history of Tarvin School.

The book is covered with full green goatskin with raised bands and 2 silk sewn double headbands.  The Trust’s logo is Blocked onto the front cover and the title in copper on the spine.

It has Venetian hand marbled endpapers and 250 pages are sewn in with 50% removed to be stored in a tray within the box.

The book will be kept in a purpose made up and over box, faux velvet lined and including a paper storage tray, embossed with the Trusts’s logo

Each year, a page will be selected from the tray and printed with details of the year’s winner. 
It will then be glued into the book in the allocated space.

The book has been produced by ex-pupil Andrew Brown who is now a book restoration and fine bookbinding specialist, trading as Artisan Bindery from a unit at Barrowmore Estate.  For more information on Andrew and his business, click here.

Page last updated: 24.7.2013

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