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Tarvin is an ancient village situated at the key junction where the road to Nantwich, Lichfield and London leaves the Chester to Manchester Road.  (map)  These were primary transport routes in Roman times and the middle ages when the village was part of Lichfield diocese.  In the 1960’s it expanded greatly after the water and sewerage infrastructure was upgraded.  It has continued to expand and is today a thriving village with many commuters as well as local workers and retired people.  The centre of the village is a Conservation Area with several listed buildings, notably the grade 1 listed Church built in the 14th century and now with Civil War battle scars.  There was a major fire in 1752 that destroyed the centre of the village so there are some Georgian houses that were built as replacements.  Next to the church is Church House, right, that was fully restored in the 1980’s.  Tarvin’s position on the key London to Chester route led to the construction of three coaching inns, of which two remain and the other is a well-known chip shop.

Picture by Keith Barker

The centre of the village is a Conservation Area that was created in 1972 by the Parish Council and supported by the Tarvin Civic Trust.  These two groups recently worked together to create the highly regarded Tarvin Village Design Statement.  Over the years nearly all the dereliction has been removed and there are some shining examples of what can be achieved by careful planning, design and construction.

Tarvin Civic Trust in conjunction with Tarvin Local History Society has produced the Tarvin Trail that provides a guided walk through the conservation area giving the background to 37 defined buildings and features.  Download the Tarvin TrailContact the Tarvin Civic Trust.

In March 2010, Chester Civic Trust recognised Tarvin in its “New Year Honours 2010”.  The top awards for Building Renovation and Open Spaces went to Tarvin projects.


If you plan to visit the woodland then why not either start or finish by enjoying some refreshments or shopping in the village itself. 
                                                              It will make a worthwhile day out.

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