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Tarvin Civic Trust enjoyed its relationship with Tarvin Parish Council.   Parish Councils, as public bodies, were  precluded from seeking grants, awarded by private sector organisations for community projects .  As an independent village organisation, Tarvin Civic Trust was able to apply for and secure a number of these awards for projects to improve the local environment.  Examples were those which paid for the cobbling, by craftsmen, of the area outside the gates of Tarvin Hall and of the approaches to St Andrew’s church and for repairs to the gate to the churchyard.

Tarvin Civic Trust had also been able to draw on the knowledge of its members in organisational matters for the benefit of the local community.

In 2007, Tarvin Civic Trust drew up the Tarvin Village Design Statement [VDS] for the Parish Council.  This document, which is held on Tarvin Parish Council’s website, was subsequently adopted by the Local Authority as a Supplementary Planning Document [SPD] which forms part of the District Local Development Framework whose provisions have to be taken into account when planning applications within the Parish are being considered.

Tarvin Civic Trust, drew up the Guidance Notes for householders in the Tarvin Conservation Area which were published in 2011 by Tarvin Parish Council  [this document is held on Tarvin Parish Council’s web site]

Expressing local views on the Village Centre to the Local Planning Authority was still Tarvin Civic Trust’s main purpose but at the same time it had an active social calendar.

During the winter months Tarvin Civic Trust held a varied series of monthly Open Meetings on Tuesday evenings at the Edna Rose Room, Tarvin Community Centre.

Annual rates of subscription were:  Individual member £9   Family membership  £15

Membership included entry to Open Meetings


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