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It’s Snowdrop time - click for pics from Keith Barker

Stuart Exell It is with deep regret that we have to inform you of the death at the end of October of the former Chairman of Tarvin Community Woodland Trust, Stuart Exell.  Stuart had been ill for some considerable period of time and, although he bore his problems with fortitude and continued to do as much as he could until quite recently, he was obliged to resign as both Chairman and Trustee during the Summer.
In the ten years Stuart has been our Chairman, he has been instrumental in piloting the Trust through many of the more significant events of its brief history. He led the funding negotiations and subsequent improvement work to the pathways, he was the central figure in all of the negotiations with Taylor Wimpey that resulted in our acquisition of the Saxon Heath section of the woodland, he bargained with CWaC over the sale of the original woodland to the Trust and he was the prime mover in the conversion of the Trust into a Company Limited by Guarantee.  His leadership, business acumen and profound good sense were central to the functioning of the Trust but his greatest satisfaction came from being a part of the team of volunteers working in the woodland, where the friendships, the camaraderie and especially the craic gave him huge enjoyment.  He was immensely proud of what the Trust has been able to achieve and, in particular, the award of the Green Flag,  the quality mark for public open spaces, on twelve successive occasions.

As a mark of their respect for him, the Trustees had decided to make Stuart the first Honorary Trustee of Tarvin Woodland.  It is to be regretted that the opportunity to make a suitable presentation did not occur but Stuart was aware of our intentions and we hope that he would have been pleased.  That Tarvin Woodland is as extensive and as successful as it is and that it belongs entirely to the local community is thanks in no small measure to the involvement and efforts of Stuart Exell. Thank you, Stuart. The entire village owes you a huge debt of gratitude.
Green Flag (Community) Award Yes, we’ve done it again!  We’ve just won our 12th consecutive award that shows we meet the global standard for well-managed open spaces.  This reflects the financial and voluntary effort that the Tarvin Community provides to keep it running.  Thank you, Tarvin.   And we’ve applied for 2022.
Jim Grogan School Award 2021  The 2021 Wildlife and Countryside Award, initiated by Jim Grogan, has been awarded to Florence Lyne.  
Tarvinonline  We are lucky in Tarvin to have an on-line daily news web site.  It is always looking for news stories and there has been a good supply related to the Woodland this year.  To save you digging, here is a list of many such pieces.  Click on the links to access the full article in Tarvinonline.  The photos have been contributed by Keith Barker and the articles by Charles Bradley, Trustee.
A Different local Woodland Walk (No Dogs)  Try William’s Wood - click for details and rules


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The scheme to by-pass the village of Tarvin included screened open space between the village and the new road to reduce the impact of the road on the existing community.  Over the last twenty odd  years, a major village asset has been created from that space.  The Tarvin community has given over 10,000 hours of voluntary effort resulting in an area of woodland that now contains several hundred planted oak and other native hardwood trees together with a growing selection of wild flowers, birds and small animals.  Its footpaths, informal tracks and adjacent bridleway are well used.  Come and enjoy our living legacy.

The government published “Community-led spaces”, a guide for local authorities and community groups.  This woodland is used as a case study on page 28.   Click to download the booklet.

In Britain we have one of the most crowded, modified landscapes in the world.  Pressure on land continues to damage and fragment habitats of our native trees and wildflowers.  The creation of Tarvin Community Woodland is a long term environmental scheme to provide an area that allows native flora and fauna to flourish.  Please protect and enjoy the countryside and preserve it for future generations to come.

Pass a few hours: Click for pics taken in the woodland during 2020 and 2021

click to see the gates (pdf Document)

Come and use the main footpath
and the many informal tracks

Walks: A series of walks around Tarvin is now available for you to enjoy.  They vary from a walk around the central part of the village through medium walks of about 4 miles up to some of 10 miles, all with Tarvin as start and end point.  Click on the link to read about them and download details.

We are also listed in John Harris’s “Walking in Cheshire”, where there are free walks to download.

Help us. We are here as part of the community and do not have a monopoly of ideas so, if you can help or have ideas or suggestions then we want to know.  Alternatively, we may be able to help you based on our experiences.  [click to email us] 

Suppliers.  We use local suppliers like Darts Chester for sweatshirts, Easylife for tools and equipment,  Cestrian Signs for signage and Turner Groundscare for mowers.

Donations.  If you’d like to help us then  click here. You could sponsor a bird box for 30.

Tarvin Civic Trust supported the Conservation Area in the Village Centre and other aspects of the village’s built environment for 70 years.  Due to a lack of volunteers to run it, it has been disbanded.    Click for more info.

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