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Current and Future Plans

The Woodland Trust has a plan to support, protect and celebrate the natural habitats in our local community.  It will enable the already created area to be properly maintained and, more importantly, to be improved and developed further. 

Current activities:

  • These centre on mowing the annual growth to generate more effective open areas between the trees.  This is greatly facilitated by the use of our newly obtained “DR” Field and Brush Mower that makes light work of nettles, thistles and other growth.
  • Improving fencing and the natural hedgerows using traditional hedge laying techniques using local skills, BTCV and local volunteers e.g. youth club. 
  • Removal of non-native trees and shrubs, together with overhanging branches, adjacent to the residential properties. 

Future activities:

  • Maintain the existing woodland / grassland natural habitat that has already attracted a cross-section of wildlife.
  • Create new habitats for species that are becoming rare e.g. dormice, butterflies, insects and birds via nesting boxes.  
  • Wildflowers - a further meadow and an extension to the existing wetland to encourage more species.
  • As opportunity and finances permit, move towards the recommendations of the Accessibility Audit carried out by Chester City Council.

There is no waste – all material is mulched back into the soil.  There are getting towards one thousand mixed native trees (mainly oaks) that have been planted and that are taking up CO2.

Page last updated: 16.7.2012

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