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The woodland receives recognition and awards for itself, its people and some of its projects.

For the last 7 years from 2010 to 2016 the woodland has received the prestigious Green Flag Award, a national scheme that recognises excellence.  See the Green Flag pages for details. 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016

** The woodland was the winner in 2000 (and runner up in 2002) of the Cheshire Best Kept Villages’ countryside and wildlife award.  This is marked by carved boards at the main entrances to the woodland.

** Following a nomination from Tarvin Parish Council, the Trust’s chairman, Jim Grogan, received a commendation from Chester City Council’s Gowy North Area Committee.  The awards, in memory of the late Councillor John Boughton are given for Community Involvement and, in Jim’s case, reflect ten years of leadership and commitment to creating and developing the woodland.

** The woodland is bounded by and contains several ancient hedges.  We are lucky to have a volunteer, John Plant, who is part of a programme to manage them properly by laying them in the traditional way.  For one of these John was recognised by CPRE in 2008 - see the hedge laying page.

This is a piece of hedge that was left after some work by the Scottish Power contractors had cleared growth around an overhead line early in 2009.  John has laid it and the hedge is already showing growth on all branches.

** The hedges continue to be a success.  In 2009 Jim Grogan was recognised by CPRE for the on-going maintenance of hedges in the woodland.  For what was described as an exceptional piece of work in Tarvin churchyard John Plant was again recognised by CPRE at the annual Cheshire Ploughing and Hedgelaying Society’s annual event - see the hedge laying page.

** In March 2010 the woodland was recognised by Chester Civic Trust.  In its annual “The Good, the Bad and The Ugly” awards the woodland won the “Good” award in the Open Spaces category.  The chairman, secretary and treasurer were presented with certificates at a ceremony in Bishop Lloyd’s Palace, the Civic Trust’s building in Chester.

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