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Jim, the visionary whose driving passion was this woodland, passed away in January 2011.
 Click for an appreciation of his work in the woodland

His dream was that this piece of land should not be built on but should be saved for the community to enjoy forever.  He was successful because there is a 125-year lease and the woodland has been nationally recognised as an excellent example of what can be achieved by community action.  He lived to see the woodland brought back under management.  It is kept safe and tidy, has secure boundaries with disabled access, the paths are in better condition and there is an active team of trustees to manage it into the future.  He was so proud of what has been achieved and gained great pleasure from knowing how much all the people who use the woodland enjoy it, appreciate it and help to care for it.  His death is a great and tragic loss to his family, to all who knew him, to the village and to the wider community. 
We will miss him.

Jim receives the lease from Councillor Neil Ritchie on September 12th 2009

Jim always wanted a piece of local sandstone in the woodland. 

This wish has now been realised and there is a pillar with a brass plate to celebrate his achievement.  The stone came from Beeston Reclamation, the brass plate from Alsager Shoe Repairs and Stephen Blackwell (see below) from Blackwells Stonecraft fitted the plate.

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Jim Grogan
1941 to 2011

His vision, energy and love of Tarvin created
 this woodland as a living legacy
 for the Tarvin Community.

“A civilisation flourishes when people plant trees under which they will never sit.”
                                         Greek Proverb

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