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The following grants were received in the year ending February 2011

** The Trust again applied to the CSV Action Earth project sponsored by Morrisons supermarkets and in April 2010 a further award of £50 was made for timber to commence fencing the woodland along Broomheath Lane. 

** Tarvin Parish Council has again given £1,000 as an annual contribution to the basic running costs of the Trust.  These include insurances and memberships. 

** Cheshire West and Chester Council has given a significant grant to make footpath improvements so that the woodland walk is usable in wet weather.  The funding came from Section 106 Planning Agreements relevant to Tarvin.  The work, comprising French drains, solid outfalls and soakaways was completed to a high standard in a seven day period by local firm Richard Ashworth Groundworks of Tarporley.  Local volunteers and trustees did the final making good and reseeding over the next two weeks.

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