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Coffee Morning - Nov 2008

We ran a very successful coffee morning in November 2008 that sold a variety of donated toys, cakes and sundries.  This created a much greater awareness of the woodland and raised over £1,000 including donations.

Coffee Morning and Plant Sales - April / May 2009

On Saturday morning, 18th April, we sold some fuschias in front of the Methodist Church.

The main event, on Saturday May 16th, at the Methodist Church was a great success.  Combined with a coffee morning in aid of the Church there were two “winners” with the Trust making just over £500 from the two plant sales while the Church increased its funds.

Coffee Morning - Oct 2009

The coffee morning was again a success with the major objective being to provide the community with an update on our activities over the previous year.  We were able to introduce and sell our range of Christmas cards, based on photos taken by villagers.  They were well received and will be repeated with different pictures next year.  We also received donations of over £600 that have enabled us to purchase 20 “woodcrete” nest boxes which will be resistant to the grey squirrels that destroyed the previous ones.

Tarvin Street Fair - Dec 2009

Again we were present with a stall that sold toys and cards whilst maintaining community awareness of Trust activities.

Coffee Morning and Plant Sale - May 15th 2010

The Saturday morning event at the Methodist Church was a great success, a hot sunny day.  Combined with a coffee morning in aid of the Church there were two “winners” with the Trust making just over £800 from the plant sale while the Church also increased its funds. 

We had delivered an invitation letter to 1,100 homes and businesses in the village and surrounding areas.  This also contained information for the community that covered progress with the footpath drainage and future intentions regarding tree management.  A further explanatory document was also made available.

Coffee Morning - Oct 2010

The coffee morning was a quieter affair this year but was still a success and we raised over £400 from the sale of coffee, cakes, bring and buy, raffle and Christmas cards.  Once again the cards were produced from photos of winter woodland scenes submitted by villagers.  Donations of nearly £200 will enable us to purchase another six of the highly successful nest boxes we bought last year.  Last year we purchased 20 bird boxes and all but one were used, about two thirds were used twice and some for a third.  They are obtainable from Jacobi Jayne and have shown no signs of deterioration.

Tarvin Street Fair - Dec 2010

On Friday evening the village High Street was thronged with people who were visiting the stalls and generally enjoying themselves.  It really does show the village off well and our stall was there to sell secondhand toys and jigsaw puzzles as part of it.  The stall also helps to maintain awareness of Trust activities for both local people and the many vistors who come to Tarvin for the event.

Coffee Morning and Plant Sale - May 14th 2011

This was our most successful event yet with a dazzling selection of plants in tip-top condition.  We had publicised it to the community with a combined Newsletter and invitation.  We were rewarded with a great turnout that resulted in a net “profit” on the plants and raffle of about £1,200.  Together with donations we ended the day with a significant increase in funds.  The Methodist Church, hosts for the day, also did well from selling cakes and refreshments.

Coffee Morning - Oct 2011

Once again we had a sunny day and we raised over £500 from the sale of coffee, cakes, bring and buy, raffle and Christmas cards. 

Coffee Morning and Plant Sale - May 18th 2013

Once again, we held our annual plant sale and it was a great success.  As usual there was wonderful support from the community and including the raffle and donations with the plant sales we made over £1300 - wonderful. 
The Methodist Church provided a cake stall and refreshments which made them £350. A win-win!

Coffee Morning and Plant Sale - May 17th 2014

Tarvin digs deep. On May 17th we held the annual plant sale on a day with blue skies and warm sunshine.  With our best display ever, Tarvin residents bought nearly everything and the Woodland benefited by about £1,400 after costs.  £120 of that was donations towards bird food and the squirrel-proof feeders that we’ve purchased.  The raffle had 17 winners.  Refreshments were provided by Tarvin Methodist Church.         A wonderful day for Tarvin.

Coffee Morning and Plant Sale - May 9th 2015

As usual, the village turned out in force and snapped up some great bargains in support of our major fund-raiser.  This year there were even more plants than usual and we made about £1,500 including the raffle and donations.  Thank you to everyone concerned, especially those who “nursed” the plants to be in such good condition. 

Inside the building our partners, Tarvin Methodist Church, made a significant sum by providing bacon rolls, drinks and biscuits.  A wonderful joint effort.


Coffee Morning and Plant Sale - May 12th 2018










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